Art Dance

A.R.T. — Dancenorth

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The American dancer Ted Shawn wrote; “The conception of rhythm which underlies all studies of the dance is something about which we might discuss eternally, and nonetheless not end.” 13 A musical rhythm requires two predominant elements; first, a often-repeating pulse (also referred to as the “beat” or “tactus”) that establishes the tempo and, second, a sample of accents and rests that establishes the character of the metre or fundamental rhythmic sample The essential pulse is roughly equal in period to a easy step or gesture.

McFee says the distinction is that musicians make or trigger the sounds that instantiate the musical work” whereas in typical instances dancers are the dance – their movements instantiate the artwork, fairly than merely causing it” (2012, 2). As to the situation of the work when it comes to its which means, one classical view is that the soul” of a play exists in its motion” or plot (Aristotle c. 350 BCE).

There are visual arts performances that share these options (to wit, Marina Abramović’s The Artist is Present”) however for functions of this part solely a short overview of the sparse dance philosophy literature compared with music and theater will be provided.