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article about artThe secretary of the commonwealth shall trigger to be printed and sent to each individual eligible to vote in the commonwealth or to every residence of one or more persons eligible to vote within the commonwealth the complete textual content of every measure to be submitted to the folks, together with a copy of the legislative committee’s majority studies, if there be such, with the names of the majority and minority members thereon, a press release of the votes of the general court on the measure, and a fair, concise summary of the measure as such summary will seem on the ballot; and shall, in such manner as may be offered by legislation, trigger to be prepared and despatched different information and arguments for and against the measure.

On the first of August, this Convention agreed to a type of Structure, and on the identical day was dissolved, after having provided for submitting the same to the individuals, and appointed a committee to satisfy to depend the votes, and to make a return thereof to the General Courtroom.

The seventy-third, seventy-fourth, seventy-fifth and seventy-sixth Articles of Modification were adopted by the General Courtroom through the classes of the years 1941 and 1943, and had been accepted and ratified by the people on the seventh day of November, 1944.

And whereas there have been at sundry instances, by divers individuals, items, grants, devises of homes, lands, tenements, goods, chattels, legacies and conveyances, heretofore made, either to Harvard School in Cambridge, in New England, or to the president and fellows of Harvard School, or to the mentioned college, by another description, underneath a number of charters successively: it is declared, that all the said presents, grants, devises, legacies and conveyances, are hereby forever confirmed unto the president and fellows of Harvard School, and to their successors within the capacity aforesaid, in line with the true intent and meaning of the donor or donors, grantor or grantors, devisor or devisors.

The people ought, consequently, to have a particular consideration to all those ideas, within the alternative of their officers and representatives: and so they have a proper to require of their lawgivers and magistrates, an exact and constant observance of them, within the formation and execution of the laws obligatory for the great administration of the commonwealth.