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performing artsThe Performing Arts Medicine MSc at UCL is a novel programme offering specialised training to these fascinated or already concerned in offering health services to this very special sector of instrumental musicians, singers, dancers, actors and other performing artists. Students are invited to attend quite a lot of totally different Performing Arts experiences including the FOBISIA Music Festival, FOBISIA Primary Performing Arts Carnival, FOBISIA Choral Festival, FOBISIA Drama, ISTA workshops, BSJ Gamelan Festival and the Performing Arts trip to Singapore.

In an episode of In Our Time broadcast on Thu, 20 Oct 2005, 21:30 on BBC Radio four, Angie Hobbs , Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Warwick; Miriam Griffin , Fellow of Somerville College, Oxford; and John Moles , Professor of Latin, College of Newcastle discussed with Melvyn Bragg the concept that Antisthenes and Diogenes in historic Greece practiced a type of performance art and that they acquired the epithet of cynic which implies “dog” due to Diogenes behaving repeatedly like a dog in his performances.

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Within the 15th century performing arts, along with the humanities normally, saw a revival as the Renaissance began in Italy and spread throughout Europe plays, some of which incorporated dance, which have been performed and Domenico da Piacenza credited with the first use of the time period ballo (in De Arte Saltandi et Choreas Ducendi) as an alternative of danza (dance) for his baletti or balli.

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