Blues Music


blues musicIn July 1956, Elvis Presley released what would become his signature tune. Blues musicians have played at juke joints reminiscent of this one for years. Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey, the defining performers of the basic blues, make their recording debuts. Blues remains with us in up to date American culture, and as a traditional musical type it has been subjected to countless revivals and reinterpretations.

For extra advanced musicians, you’ll be able to decide up different approaches to adapting the blues on your own functions. Muddy Waters makes his first Chicago recordings, beginning his tenure because the dominant figure in the Chicago blues and a key hyperlink between the Mississippi Delta and the city styles.

You’ll be clapping and tapping your toes to the good music of all the Blues expertise showcased each evening at Blue Chicago. Scott Joplin publishes “Maple Leaf Rag.” Ragtime will grow to be a key affect on the Piedmont model of blues. Some guys had fascinating sounds, and you sort of gravitated in direction of people who had a set of information.

Guy grew to become obsessive about the thrilling blues music coming from Chicago masters like Muddy Waters He landed there in 1957 and quickly developed a status as a showman. After all, you don’t have to set foot in a juke joint or blues club to seek out authentic blues music in Mississippi.