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How to Make These Murals Produce Perfect Wall Paintings

Do you want to become a professional wall painter? No matter how much you will share if you don’t need a technique or how to make a mural or wall decoration, it’s delicious.
If you see a special development in the world of painting from starting to paint on canvas, until now painting with wall media is not only a channel for senior desires but now it can also make a sweet business.

Then, How Do You Make Murals?

Maybe there will be a lot of content that presents ways to make, but this one content not only guides you to produce good work but also effective and efficient work methods.
In order for the mural you make to produce what you expect, there are mural drawing techniques that must be practiced.
Before you begin to sink in, cast the walls of your prospective clients, then the right place to be an object to make murals on your own wall.
Well, for those of you who just want to try making a mural on the wall of your house, there are those who want to try tips and how to paint a mural that is good and true.

Stage of Preparation in Making Murals

Before entering the way to make a mural, as previously agreed upon, there were several plans. Here we will explain one by one.
Schedule a full day of preparation.
The first preparation stage in making a mural is to make a full day schedule to prepare for the mural.
Because if you make a wall mural in a cat in a hurry it will produce a less neat wall.

Prepare Equipment

You need to know, in making murals there are lots of equipment that you have to prepare starting from brushes, cats, pallets and many more.
All about types for brushes, lots of types of brushes that have functions and uses that are in accordance with the type of stroke.
In order for the equipment to be used in accordance with the functions and needs, you need to be familiar with the various types of painting equipment with their types complete with their uses

Select the concept you want in the picture

If you talk about the concept there are many concepts that you can choose. But still, surely there is only one concept that you choose that suits your taste.
Especially for home decor, you need your home to be comfortable with interior decorations using murals.
Do not be confused, various concepts of wall painting can be an inspiration and the right solution to apply the murals in your home.

Choose color

So that you are not confused and overwhelmed by choosing what colors are suitable for application to make murals and choosing colors that are suitable for your new wall, it would be better

Floor preparation and hard objects for painting

When painting a wall, there will definitely be lots of cats scattered. To welcome this, try the floor is secured.
The first thing you have to do is put a canvas sheet on the floor. Cover completely, secure the canvas with adhesive and help do not move.
In addition, remove all switch places and cover the electrical socket, attach the adhesive tape above.
Stick the adhesive to all non-removable hardware.

Sand the wall

Why is sanding very important before working directly on a mural? Of course the answer is for cats to easily absorb.
The wall sanding process helps to make the walls shrink the paint that sticks to the wall sticks well which can make the mural more durable.
When doing pengampelas, use a dust mask so as not to activate your respiratory health. Here are some tips that you can emulate during the sanding process

Clean the wall

After the sanding process, the next way to make a mural is to install a wall with vacuum.
Clean the walls of dust and debris released by the sanding process. Clean walls will be easier to paint and will give a better finish.
With warm water and a little detergent, lightly wash the walls using a sponsor, attach to oily spots on the dirty part with extra energy.
The last step in the process of cleaning the wall is that you can clean the entire wall using sponsors and clean water.

Fill each hole or crack with a mixture of material or putty
Next look at the condition of your wall, whether you need a hole or crack in the mold that must be considered.
If cracks or holes in the wall are needed, you may need to mix a little from the putty to store the cracks or holes.