Blues Music

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blues musicThe blues is a method characterized by a melancholy mood (particularly evident in the lyrics, which usually characteristic a second line repeat of the primary line adopted by the punch line or traces) and a typical chord progression usually comprised of twelve measures. 107 In contrast to the Chicago fashion, King’s band used strong brass assist from a saxophone, trumpet, and trombone, as an alternative of using slide guitar or harp. We do not know the names of many early country blues artists. This is the down-home music introduced to the world by African-American laborers, and you’ll hear parts of gospel and previous-faculty nation within the sounds of blues, even at this time.

Country blues songs reflect working men and women, the common folks. Options of West African music equivalent to name and response, polyrhythms and blue notes are still heard within the blues right now. Little Walter , Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller) and Sonny Terry are well-known harmonica (known as ” harp ” by blues musicians) players of the early Chicago blues scene.

The music evolved and grew, and with the assistance of Chicago’s recording business, the sound of standard bands unfold to every nook of America. Armstrong was getting deeper into the guitar shredding of blues-rock, when he rediscovered the importance of vocals by way of Albert Collins, Freddie and Albert King.

The Blues Hall of Fame honors those who have carried out, recorded and significantly contributed to blues music. Another widespread apply in blues is to play all the music over a single chord, for instance, hearken to catfish blues, first recorded by Skip James, or I am a Man by Bo Diddly.