Blues Music

Keith Richards On His Love Affair With The Blues

blues musicOne of the elements that makes United by Music a novel program is the choice of blues associated music. From early recordings made by delta blues legends like Robert Johnson and Charlie Patton, to influential albums and reside data of classic blues men like Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, our collection of blues music affords a comprehensive take a look at the artists who made the style what it is immediately.

Its present practitioners typically combine the sounds and instrumental pyrotechnics of rock music and the sheen of urban soul; but the twelve-bar form, variations on the blues chord progression, and emotive lyrical content material remain comparatively unchanged.

Blues performers similar to John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters continued to carry out to enthusiastic audiences, inspiring new artists steeped in traditional blues, equivalent to New York-born Taj Mahal John Lee Hooker blended his blues style with rock parts and enjoying with younger white musicians, creating a musical model that can be heard on the 1971 album Countless Boogie B. B. King ‘s singing and virtuoso guitar approach earned him the eponymous title “king of the blues”.

A roots music form that advanced out of African-American work songs, field hollers, spirituals, and nation string ballads greater than a century ago, the blues is the inspiration of nearly each major American music type born within the 20th century, including jazz, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and hip hop.