Review Luna Aurora Borealis 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitar

Roman goddess of the dawn who created the stars and set them out at night, Aurora brings the dawn to begin each day. Luna Guitars’ Aurora line offers the perfect beginning also. A student guitar line that pairs affordability with Luna’s characteristic easy-to-play design features, the Aurora guitars give young players the perfect instruments on which to learn. Sized for comfort, petite cutaway bodies deliver true sound. The necks are adorned with Luna’s signature moon phase fretmarkers. Sound holes too, are embraced by a crescent moon rosette, giving the Auroras the same look and feel that grace Luna’s full-size models.

Body And Neck:

The Aurora Borealis has a traditional non-cutaway flattop body, with a compact 3/4 scale that makes it comfortable for children to follow some beginner guitar lessons. It’s a good-looking instrument that should appeal to kids of all ages, with four attractive colors to choose from – girls will love the Pink Pearl finish, while Teal Sparkle, Black Pearl and White Sparkle finishes are also available.

As the names suggest, these finishes are peppered with glitter to give the instrument a real twinkle. On that note, the lunar theme continues with Luna’s moon phase fret-markers and moon shape around the soundhole. For the price, the materials are pretty standard – laminated basswood makes up the top, back and sides of the guitar, with a 19-fret mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard. The guitar feels sturdy enough to survive whatever a child can throw at it, although it may require a bit of a set-up from an adult or your local guitar pro to really bring out its playability.


If you’re expecting this little acoustic to sound like a $1,000 Martin, you’ll naturally be disappointed. However the Aurora Borealis isn’t bad at all, with good clarity and a sound that rings true. It’s bright, but with enough warmth to avoid it sounding too tinny. With its smaller construction it lacks the projection of a full-size acoustic but, for something for children to learn and practice on, it more than serves its purpose.


The Aurora Borealis isn’t swimming in hardware, but you get everything you need to start playing acoustically. There’s a set of sealed die-cast chrome tuners on the headstock, which – for the price and purpose – are fine, with good tuning stability when compared to some cheaper guitars. The rest of the components are pretty standard, and include a rosewood bridge, stock strings, and a simple gig bag to transport the guitar to and from lessons.


  • Pickup/preamp: No
  • Brand: Not applicable
  • Configuration: Not applicable
  • Preamp EQ: Not applicable
  • Feedback filter: Not applicable
  • Tuner: Not applicable


  • Top Material: Basswood
  • Neck Material: Mahogany
  • Scale Length: 572mm (22.5”)
  • Strings: OEM Phosphor Bronze (12-53)

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Acoustic
  • Design: moon at rosette
  • Inlays: MOP Moon Phase
  • Dexterity: Right-handed
  • Construction: Set Neck
  • Neck Shape: C
  • Number of Frets: 19


  • Consistent
  • Fun To Play
  • Good Feel
  • Rich Sound
  • Stays In Tune


  • Flat Sound
  • Requires Constant Tuning
  • Seems like a toy

Final Conclusion:

Unless your child is a guitar prodigy, chances are you are purchasing this instrument for learning, practice, or as an upgrade to a steel-string guitar from nylon. And for these purposes it offers very good value. It fits small hands well, looks great with nice attention-to-detail, and feels durable enough to survive a trip to school and back!

I purchased the Luna Aurora Borealis for my grand daughter to learn guitar. She likes the blue sparkle and it is the right size for her small 8 year old hands. I play folk, rock and blues about two hours a day. I found this guitar very hard to play. The strings were incredibly high, stiff as barbed wire and the intonation was not close. I was able to lower the action, installed lighter gauge strings and adjust the intonation to a passable level. My grand daughter is excited about the guitar, loves the way it looks and if she will stick with it after the changes, I will judge this little starter guitar to have served its purpose.


I love this guitar. I have had another more expensive guitar but i found the neck was too wide for some more complicated chords. I switched to electric due to this. Then fast forward. Sold my electric. Struggled with my acousic again and felt like a beginner again. Then i read about this company. They design for women! The neck and body are smaller sized for women. I am normal sized but the ones made for men the necks are to wide. So I love my luna. And will probably never buy a full size or another brand again. If you are buying for a kid buy a 1/2 size! So much easier to learn on one that fits or is on the small size than too big!


I bought this guitar to be a cheap “thrasher” for travelling and it really went above and beyond. Since this guitar is for children, it would be hard to play for someone with big hands, but other than that its perfect.

Ayan Ayan

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