Review LyxPro Complete Case Bag Electric Guitar

If you’re looking for top recommended LyxPro Electric Guitar with 20w Amp, Package Includes All Accessories product.

Product Specifications:
Full-size 39″ electric guitar and all the accessories necessary to start playing, including a 20W amplifier, digital clip-on tuner, 6 strings, 2 picks, tremolo bar, shoulder strap, and carrying bag.
Perfect for beginner and intermediate players.
Ideal kit for anyone interested in learning how to play the electric guitar.
Everything you need to start playing.
Rosewood fingerboard, Canadian maple neck, Solid wood body, S-S-S pickups, One-way tremolo, Pickup switch, Volume & tone controls

20W Amplifier

This 20W amplifier is perfect for the beginning guitarist. Complete with headphone jack and overdrive, you’ll get great quality sound.

  • Power: 20W
  • Speaker: 6.5″/ 4 ohm
  • Equalization: treble, bass, gain, grind
  • Jacks: headphone, mp3
  • Dimensions: 11.6″ x 11.2″ x 4.1″ (29.5 x 28.5 x 10.5cm)
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs. (2.6kg)

Digital clip-on tuner
Playing in tune is essential for any guitarist. The digital tuner included with this kit ensures that your guitar is perfectly tuned every time you sit down to play. Easy to follow instructions will make tuning a breeze.

  • A4 frequency: 440Hz
  • Tuning item: chromatic, guitar, bass, violin, ukulele
  • Tuning range: 0A (27.5Hz) – 8C (4186.01Hz)
  • Dimensions: 2.1″ x 1.1″ x 3.1″ (55 x 30 x 80mm)
  • Weight: 1.1 oz. (32g)

What is in the box?

  • Digital Tuner
  • Strings
  • Picks
  • Tremolo Bar
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Case Bag
  • Complete Beginner Starter kit Pack

Everything came in on time with very fast shipping. Everything you see in the package came in just fine and very good quality. The amp is actually bigger than I expected and its great first amp for someone who is just starting out. The guitar is very vibrant and works perfectly. The only thing that went wrong is that one of the strings was broken but it was no big deal because extra strings are included. I got this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend who is just a beginner. I let him play around with it to make sure it was something he wanted and I don’t think I have seen him out it down since. Recommended strongly for anyone out there looking for a cheap and affordable package deal on a guitar!!
Was worried at first. All worries gone once product received. Excellent starter kit with good sounding amp for the money. Guitar bag a little cheaply made, but does the job. Overall excellent purchase.
First AMP was defective but let me say that company was very efficient and professional in replacing. They more than made up for the inconvenience. It a great product!
Great set for a beginner or anyone wishing open the box and start playing, tuned up in about 1. Great kit, bought for my son to use with rocksmith on xbox and he loves it.Got for my son an he loves it, great starting kit. 5 minutes and played tuesday’s gone out of the box ! great value, great quality.
I purchased this guitar for my grandson’s birthday. He is thrilled with it. I personally have not seen it because I live out of town, but my daughter says it is very nice and that my grandson is Very Happy.
Seems decent enough for the price. I am picking up radio stations with the amp however and it is loud enough to be problematic. I would have been happy to pay more for something a little better quality.
Was shipped in a box not concealed so christmas gift was now visible. on christmas day he tried to play and amp doesn’t work, we tested guitar on a bundle we were renting that we were hoping to replace and it worked on that amp. emailed and got a response asking if i wanted a replacement or a refund. my son wanted to keep so i said new amp please, no fast forward about 5 days because they didn’t response with in 2 days (plenty of time) before another holiday only to say “sorry we don’t have that in stock, would you like a refund?” like really now you say something and you expect me to say no i will keep it damaged?! no i would not buy this again or nor do i refer a friend to brand or company. my son has been paying for lessons and now everyone in his class knows about this ordeal. Sorry i had better expectations then this, i know its a starter and low end but this is not expectable.
The guitar is great looks and feels nice,still getting use to the tuner
I’m very happy with everything for the cost less three hundred is worth it!!

Ok will speak about amp, i’ve seen bad reviews about amp ,think the reason is for younger crowd talking early teens to twentysix
want say if your looking for a loud amp then you will not be crazy about this amp at all

This amp is small works best for me with headphones on, it does not get loud want make this clear , its great though if you live close to people you will not disturbe them,agian considering the price and all you get worth it

Maybe down road if i get to playing better i’ll upgrade amp so on .

Ayan Ayan

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