Review Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

From Rogue comes this amazing deal in the RA-90 dreadnought acoustic guitar. The Rogue guitar is an ideal instrument for the beginner, or young musician. The body depth and width bring out balanced tone and plenty of projection to be heard from across the room.

This ultra-affordable dreadnought acoustic guitar features a whitewood body, which brings out lots of mid-range punch. The nato neck adds sustain without losing any strength in tone. The painted maple bridge and fingerboard add clarity to each note, and a striking look to the front of the guitar. The RA-090’s C-shape neck, 1-2/3″ nut width, and 16″ radius help with intricate fretboard movements when running up and down the 20 frets. The RA-90 also features nickel hardware and covered tuners. This Rogue acoustic guitar will certainly get the job done, at a price that anybody can afford.

Body And Neck:

What we have here is an unbelievably cheap dreadnought made of whitewood, which is a very rare type of tonewood to be used, even in affordable guitars. As you’d probably expect, seeing solid pieces of tonewood goes out the window at this point. However, that isn’t all that important in this price range. The neck is a nato piece, featuring a colored maple fretboard. Again, a very unusual practice. Rogue went to extremes in order to keep the price of this guitar as low as possible.


For the most part, the hardware is relatively decent. Instead of a rosewood bridge, we have a painted maple one, which gets the job done but isn’t too generous on sustain. Tuners are run of the mill die cast units, and work pretty well as long as you don’t mess with them too often. So far so good. Once we reach the nut and saddle, we might run into some problems. Using cheap synthetic materials brings a risk of breaking either the saddle or the nut. Unfortunately, this is the reality with guitars which costs as little as this Rogue RA-090. One way to minimize the risk of damaging these components is to pay extra attention when changing strings. If something does happen, the best course of action would be to replace both with something more reliable.


The sound can best be described as adequate, leaning towards nice. It has decent sustain, as well as clarity, especially in the highs. The classic dreadnought design of this guitar allows it to resonate deeply and project powerful sonic blast to fill the room, or be heard over the chatter around the campfire.

The body delivers a good deal of punch in mid-range, while nato wood neck adds an impressive amount of sustain without sacrificing the strength of the note. The painted maple fingerboard and bridge contribute to the overall sound with lots of clarity, as well as to the overall aesthetic moment of the guitar.

Covered Tuners:

These refer to the bits that you twist to tune your guitar. The flat key part is attached to a peg, on which the string is wound. Tightening it or loosening it changes the tension on the strings, and changes the pitch as a result.

Product Specifications:

  • 6-string
  • Dreadnought design
  • Whitewood body
  • 25-3/8″ scale length
  • Nato neck
  • Painted maple bridge
  • Painted maple fingerboard
  • C-shape neck
  • 20 frets (14 open)
  • 1-2/3″ nut width
  • 16″ radius
  • Covered tuners
  • Nickel hardware
  • ​Weight: 8.8lbs
  • Dimensions: 41 x 5 x 20 inches


  • Produces solid sound with some simple set-up
  • Light-weight and good for travel
  • Nice finishes that look good to beginners and experienced players


  • Some fret issues reported including sharpness and rusting
  • Possible shipping issues: check the guitar for cracks, holes, and other damage as soon as it arrives
  • Made entirely from laminate; even the rosewood fretboard is synthetic

Final Conclusion:

Rogue RA-090 is one of those surprises that no one expects, and everyone finds hard to believe. Sure, it’s not a top tier Taylor, but it was never meant to be one. For the money you are asked to pay, this dreadnought brings a performance that is well worth the investment. Whether you’re a beginner or someone looking for a beater acoustic guitar, Rogue RA-090 is definitely worth checking out.

Rouge RA-090 is a good quality and good sounding guitar. Don’t let the low price fool you into thinking it’s a toy, it’s not!! It has a nice neck, the action out of the box is good. The fit and finish on mine is almost perfect. The tuning keys keep the strings in tune once the new strings have been stretched out by playing them for a couple of hours. Not only this is a great starter guitar, it’s also a great “take-everywhere” guitar for an experienced player. Take it with you to the beach, park, hiking, camping, or traveling, If gets damaged, oh well, you only lost $50, keep your more expensive guitar safe at home. When I started playing guitar in 1974 a guitar of this quality would sell for $150 and back then $150 was a lot more money than it is today. I have many acoustic guitars which I paid a lot more for than this one. Since I got this, I have parked all the others. I just wish it had a satin finish neck, gloss finish on the neck gets a sticky feeling when the palm of you’re fretting hand gets sweaty; but, I can fix that with a 350-400 grid sand paper, then finish it off with a 600 grid and then lemon-oil the neck. GREAT BARGIN!!


I was worried about buying this guitar… especially since having owned a big manufacturers $120 model, and was very unhappy with it. But, to my surprise, This guitar actually plays pretty decent for the price! No fret buzz, action is a little high, but usable. The sounds is about what you would expect from a under $150 acoustic… It’s good,and decent, but lacks that “High-end quality” sound. Overall, this guitar will be with me wherever I go, for jams on the fly! The price let’s me travel without worry because if it breaks… heh, just buy another one!

Ayan Ayan

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