Review Zeny 01016 Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories

This classic style guitar package from Zeny guitars includes everything you will need start playing right out of the box. The full size 39″ guitar has a rosewood fretboard and maple neck. The guitar features a three pickup configuration, with a pick up selector knob to mold your tone. The neck has 21 frets, and is supported by a fully adjustable truss rod. The body is made out of basswood, a very light wood which makes it ideal for beginning players who aren’t used to guitars made of heavier wood. It also features a stylish pick-guard to protect your instrument from scratching. If you are considering purchasing a new guitar, the Zeny beginner series electric guitar will make an excellent addition to any collection. Comes with a 10 watt amp, a gig bag case, guitar strap, electronic tuner, cable, pics, whammy bar, string winder, polishing cloth are all included — so you will need nothing else when you get your new guitar package from us. Plus, this full size guitar package costs less than most jr packs.

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Product Features:

  • Right-handed electric guitar with accessories is ideal for beginners and is ready to use out of the box
  • Comes with a nylon carrying case perfect for traveling musicians and easy storage
  • Made of an all wood construction, steel strings, and an attractive, smooth finish
  • Neck: maple wood with truss rod ; String Length: 25.59″ / 650mm Pickups: single coil X3 Regulator volume X1, tone X2, 5 scale tone changer

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x 39” electric gutiar
  • 1 x 10watt amplifier
  • 1 x 420D bag
  • 1 x guitar strap
  • 1 x guitar cable
  • 1 x additional strings set +1££additional string
  • 2 x pick
  • 2 x allen key
  • 1 x Tremolos rod

The guitar just came 4 days before. It came in great condition, no dent at all. Actually it’s a gift for myself, I just decided to teach myself guitar again. The amp isn’t shabby for what it is, on the contrary, the sound of the amp is great for a small practice one. About the tune, I play it 2 hours everyday and until now, I don’t have to retune it. For something under $100, it is totally an astonishing deal. All-in-all, happy with my purchase. Since it is so cheap, don’t need to worry about buying it, we all know we do not need to drop a lot of money for an item on a whim. So far I have no cons of this product. I’d give it a five star for the awesome quality and decent sound!


My 12 y/o saved up his money to get this for himself for his birthday. He has loved it. It’s small enough for him to use, but is a legit guitar, not a toy. The whole family has had fun playing with and (those who can) on it.


Such a great gift for our son. He loved it. The guitar is so good looking – blue and turquoise fade. The size is good for a 12 year old…its a bit small when my husband steals it to play it himself. 🙂 I think it looks better than the manufacturer picture, but if you want it to be a royal blue or navy specifically, you may be disappointed. However, the construction is good and it has pretty good sound when properly tuned. Packaging contains a lot of staples and cannot be easily removed without ripping the box. These are minor concerns to me. Our son was thrilled and plays it all the time with RockSmith. Great starter guitar!


Very good for begginers like me, came with everything besides that blue square thing in the photo. 4 stares because I got this to use with Rocksmith 2014 PS4, and the biggest cord sounds odd even after tunning when I play. Good thing it came with extra cords.


It is a perfect guitar for a beginner. But when I had it tuned (keep in mind I was an absolute beginner, aka I didn’t know how to tune it?) the guy said it was way out of wack…. the neck was bent and I broke a string when I tried to tune it myself!!! Lol. but I still consider myself a beginner I love the guitar and I try to practice as much as my job and my 18 month old son will let me which is not much……. good guitar for the price. Perfect for beginners in my opinion but then again I didn’t even know how how to hold the guitar or how to pick it when I got it! Your not going on tour with this guitar but if you want to learn how to play the basic cords this is the guitar for you

Ayan Ayan

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