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article about artAny dispute between States Parties regarding the interpretation or application of this Convention could also be submitted to the procedures provided for on this section only after native cures have been exhausted where that is required by international law.

And if it shall appear by the returns made, that two thirds of the certified voters throughout the state, who shall assemble and vote in consequence of the stated precepts, are in favor of such revision or modification, the general court docket shall concern precepts, or direct them to be issued from the secretary’s office to the a number of cities to elect delegates to satisfy in conference for the purpose aforesaid.

The primary sentence of the sixth paragraph of Part three of Article II of the Amendments to the Structure of the Commonwealth, as appearing in Article LXXXIX of mentioned Amendments, is hereby amended by placing out the words “ten months” and inserting in place thereof the phrases: – eighteen months.

Article III of the Amendments to the Structure, as amended, is hereby further amended by putting out the word indicating the age at which a citizen shall have a proper to vote in an election of Governor and different public officers and inserting in place thereof the following word: – eighteen.

In case he shall fail so to transmit his reasons for such disapproval or discount inside ten days after the bill shall have been introduced to him, such objects shall have the drive of law until the overall court by adjournment shall prevent such transmission, during which case they shall not be legislation.